The current state of PANCHI

Wow, things always take much longer than expected, but now I have rewritten much of the characters logic, cleaned it up and fixed up the character model and animations. This is only a preview of the full v3 tho, because there is still a lot of bugs to iron out, but I want to keep the updates fairly regular so here it is.  There is also a single player training mode that activates if you enter a map with only one player.

In this preview version there is also a fully working options menu with audio settings and options for creating your own input profile with a nickname! This nickname will be shown as a tag ingame in the full v3, but currently it only shows on the victory screen. And speaking of the victory screen, that one is just pure placeholder, nothing done with it yet.

I hope you'll try the game and tell me all about all the bugs you find, because I do not have enough playtesters as it is, and remember you can always join my discord channel to get in direct contact with me and hangout with some other people!

Well, the real v3 will probably be around very soon, next weekend or something. It must be, because I'm aiming for something I can enter into the Norwegian Game Awards with, and the deadline is March 1st. Wish me luck, and good luck panching with your friends!


PANCHIv3_Preview.7z 121 MB
Feb 14, 2019

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