A deeper combat system

A new major version of PANCHI! Exciting! Progress!

This version's major feature is a new combat maneuver, the Barrier!

It will reflect a Panch, or it can be used in a combo chain too! But be careful, because you can still get kicked while using barrier!

Other improvements include

-better stage collision

-some fixes to how parries are calculated (no longer possible to parry with your back to your opponent)

-updated vfx colors for clarity

-walljumping should be a bit more intuitive

-PanchJumping, i.e. panching directly into a surface, now works on all surfaces

-you can now kick out of kick, or cancel the kick with a double jump. This increases the gamespeed drastically!

Good luck! Hope you will have fun playing this version!

As for the future, I am now slowly turning my head towards singleplayer gamemodes.. more on that later!



PANCHIv5.0.zip 146 MB
Mar 17, 2019

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