The road to Norwegian Game Awards

This project is now well underway, and this release is gonna be very close to the version that will enter the Norwegian Game Awards!

Compared to a month ago, this is a complete overhaul of animations, vfx, environments, code and user interface. There are so many small things that add up when making a game, it would be hard to talk about all of them, but I will try:

Major changes:

-new character model with animations

-reworked combat mechanics, and while there are still some dust here and there, it works a lot more consistently than previously.

-Custom user names and saved controller profiles

-victory/results screen that displays how well you did in the match.

Minor changes: 

waaaay too many to list I can't even remember them all!


Get together with one or more friends and try it out! Even though this version will enter the Norwegian Game Awards, it is still along way to the finish line, and I super appreciate any and all types of support, even a simple comment! :D


Feb 24, 2019

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